Ready to roll…

Walnut Park Demian, Nick and Robert have just arrived at McMurdo Station. They’ll update us soon on their travels. I leave tomorrow for Christchurch, so it is finally time to pack and organize all my gear. Here’s a photo of all the stuff I’m taking. The Antarctic program provides most of the clothing we need, especially the extreme cold weather gear, but it’s always nice to have your own boots that are worn in and thermal underwear that belongs just to you! — John

Here it is all laid out (click the picture for a larger version):


and… with some assistance I’m ready to go!IMG_1921




This season’s fashion report

We’re currently in Christchurch getting our gear sorted. We’re scheduled to fly to McMurdo at 6am tomorrow. Think clear weather thoughts for us!
Below are a few pictures of Forrest modeling the new season’s Antarctic ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) Gear. We usually only wear up to layer four + a hat and sun glasses in the field unless it gets extra cold viagra generika kaufen schweiz.

Layer 1: Merino thermal underwear and socks.

Layer 2: Polar Fleece pants and jacket

Layer 3: insulated wind/snow proof pants and Bunny (insulated rubber) boots)

Layer 4: Big Red insulated Jacket

Layer 5: Furry hat, balaclava, goggles, neck gaiter, gloves

Layer 6: for extra wind / cold protection put the hood up.