Warming up for a new field season

http://aboutrobertross.net/38064-buy-avodart.html We are gearing up to depart for a new field season in just two weeks time. We’ll update you on our preparations soon, but in the meantime, here are a few panoramic photos from our last field season.

McMurdo Sound from Hobbs Hill. Ross Island and McMurdo station are center left on the horizon.

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A view of lower Wright Valley toward the north. Helicopter for scale in the center left foreground. Onyx river in the mid-ground flows right to left (into the Mountains!)
Buddah Lake with the Joyce Glacier peaking around the corner on the right.
View of the Transantarctic Mountains from Buddah Lake (R) to Miers Valley (S)
View of the Transantarctic Mountains from the head of the Garwood valley

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