Communicating From the Field – Antarctica Style

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We’ve had quite a few people ask us how we’re going to communicate from the field.We keep in touch with McMurdo Base every 24 hours via Iridium Satellite phone, VHF, HF radios. Unfortunately, we don’t have any access to a cell phone network, or an easy internet connection to update this website. The image below is our solution. We use an Iridium Satellite Phone as a modem (think very, very slow dialup) to create a battery-powered (small black box)  wireless network (using the white ‘optimizer‘ in the image) that we can then connect a laptop or ipad to send small emails. We use specialized software from Global Marine Networks that compresses the data and allows us to send small pictures as well. Each email costs ~$3 to send, but hopefully it allows us to keep everyone informed of our progress.



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