Antarctica360 in the news!

have a peek at this website The team from Antarctica360 have been featured in our local news twice in the last few days – it’s great to see the word is getting out about what they are doing.

The UCSB Current has a feature article about their trip – you can see it by clicking here.

Then the Santa Barbara Independent picked up the story – that’s here.

Maybe the New York Times will be calling next?!

–The Antarctica360 “Ground Team” (aka Anna, John’s wife).


3 thoughts on “Antarctica360 in the news!

  1. ” WOW ” You guy’s are awesome , and ‘ yes ‘ the world around you should be a where of the work you are doing , the pictures are fantastic , i can only imagine the scientific data you are collecting , such events i our lives become some of the most memorable times of our lives , you guys are in one of those moment of yours , so enjoy ‘ and know how much we appreciate you for doing what most other only dream about , but would never do ….. Tracy nelson PS would like to send my son Demian a package can you have him give me an idea what he would need and want and no not a Christmas list lol , just what he could use and maybe like to have snacks , games , gizmo’s & gadget and etc.

    1. Hi Tracy, I talked to the guys last night and got a list from Demian. Do you have an email address so I can email you the list? Thanks! Anna

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