A Quick Update From The Field

buy proscar uk After more than a week preparing all of our gear and food in McMurdo, we finally made it into the field on Tuesday. The four of us flew in a New Zealand A-star heliimage3copter from McMurdo over (the frozen) Ross Sea past huge icebergs stuck in the sea ice, and onto Lake Vanda (also frozen) in the Wright Valley within the central Dry Valleys region. The trip was only 40 minutes, but it is always spectacular flying in Antarctica – the views are phenomenal and photos don’t really do the scenery justice.

After setting up our camimage1p, we’ve spent the past three days exploring the area, mapping and collecting lots of samples. The weather has been mostly fine, although yesterday afternoon to this afternoon, it has been extremely windy – with winds up to 50 knots. Thankfully it has calmed down and I’m sitting here writing this in the afternoon sun with no wind at all, and a temperate -8C. Everybody is doing well, and enjoying being out in the field, although the its taking the team a little time to adjust to everything that is left outside (e.g. water bottles) freezing.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to travel by h  elicopter to the other end of Wright Valley and a location to the north of us called Killer Ridge. The trip should be a lot of fun with some new geology and scenery. Some photos to follow!

It’s almost dinner time here, which is a serious event, so I’d better go. We’ll be in touch with more news and photos soon.

John – for the Antarctica360 teamimage2

Editor’s note: apologies the photos are small, satellite phone data transmission has its downsides! I’ll see if the team can send slight bigger files next time though.

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