Ready to roll…

buy modafinil com Demian, Nick and Robert have just arrived at McMurdo Station. They’ll update us soon on their travels. I leave tomorrow for Christchurch, so it is finally time to pack and organize all my gear. Here’s a photo of all the stuff I’m taking. The Antarctic program provides most of the clothing we need, especially the extreme cold weather gear, but it’s always nice to have your own boots that are worn in and thermal underwear that belongs just to you! — John

Here it is all laid out (click the picture for a larger version):


and… with some assistance I’m ready to go!IMG_1921




4 thoughts to “Ready to roll…”

  1. hello I’m demians dad , i’m wondering do i need tracking code #s to be able to track where you go in Antarctica , and will you be able to keep posting comments once your there ?

    1. Hi Demian’s Dad! Yes, you will be able to track us once we are in the field. We will post to the blog from a very bad Internet connection through a satellite phone. You can also track of us on the spot page – under the media tab on the main page. This is a GPS tracker that we will set off occasionally do it everyone know we are doing fine and where we are. Hope you enjoy keeping up with your son’s adventures! -John

      1. Hi John
        Lovely day in Outram. Could not see you fly over this morning . Had an email from Anna about you teaching Oliver to sing Waltzing Matilda.
        Hope it is not an omen for the final of the RWC .

  2. thank you so much , yes this is a awesome adventure you all are on , i find it fascinating and will fallow closely , have a great time and i hope you find some new information in your search , be safe and stay warm , really like all the pics and hope to see more , thanks again Tracy N

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