Flying South for the Summer

click here for info John made it to McMurdo Station yesterday and met up with the rest of the team. Here are a few photos from his journey starting in Christchurch, New Zealand, and, 5 hours later, ending at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.


The day started with a 5am check in at the International Antarctic Center Passenger Terminal in Christchurch


Check-in queue at the Antarctic Passenger Terminal. There were passengers from the US program

(red jacket with silver patch), New Zealand (orange jackets) and Italy (red and black jacket) on the flight


Ready for the flight. Boarding pass and ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) jacket.IMG_1973

Passenger Bus from the Terminal to the PlaneIMG_1975

Our ride south – A C-17 “McChord” from Seattle at Christchurch AirportIMG_1978

View inside the flight deck of the C-17IMG_1985

View of the interior of the C-17. Passengers share the plane with a lot of cargo.IMG_1982

5hrs later we landed at Pegasus Airfield on the Ross Ice Shelf near McMurdo StationIMG_1995

Cargo being unloaded from the C-17.IMG_1996




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  1. Good to see you arrived there safely John. Has been a lousy day here . Down to 8C with rain and hail and even colder in Dunedin.

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