http://modernistudios.com/?pp_route=/image-resize Back in Christchurch!

https://www.stylefeelfree.com/30090-dts94394-este-chico-es-un-demonio-3.html Hello all,
We have arrived back in Christchurch! The last few days were a flurry of activity. We were stuck in the field for an extra couple of days due to weather. We were extremely busy in McMurdo hoping to leave the continent ASAP. We pulled it off! Yesterday morning we hopped on an LC-130 airplane at the “Pegasus” ice shelf runway. Eight hours later we arrived in NZ! The sensations of feeling humidity, hearing birds (other than penguins), and smelling vegetation for the first time in 9 weeks are indescribably amazing!


Forrest hopped on a flight early this morning to head home; Sophie and I are about to embark on another field adventure! We will be doing some work in Westland for about a week. We can’t wait to leave the beds and pillows behind and get back to our sleeping bags!

Please stay tuned to the blog to read about our NZ adventures and our progress in the lab! We thank you for joining us this season!

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