Rainy Westland…

buy furosemide tablets uk Rainy Westland…

Sophie and I arrived in Westland a few days ago, but steady rains and low clouds have prohibited our access to the range that we are hoping to work on. Who would have thought that the weather would have been more cooperative in Antarctica than in New Zealand? Those who are from the notoriously wet coast are probably not surprised. Anyway, it is nice to be hanging out in a warm rainforest after spending so much time in a polar desert.
We had a slight break in weather yesterday and were able to find some outcrops up some small creeks that drain from the Southern Alps. We have beautiful weather this morning, so we are going to jump on a helicopter and get dropped off on the top of one of the nearby ranges. We will spend four or five days working the range top. Hopefully we won’t get too wet!
Sophie and her dad contemplate the geologic uses of a “grubber”.
Tea in the field! I could get used to working in commonwealth countries.

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