Our morning forage along the beach

buy provigil india Tropical beaches are not an uncommon topic of conversation while we pound sledge hammers against frozen rock. However, we have our own pristine beaches and tranquil white sands, if you ignore the fact that the blue waves are frozen and rocks seem to be floating on them. In fact, dark rocks radiate heat, burning away the ice around them until they are precariously perched on corners like specimens on display, or earthy figures in a Salvador Dali painting. The shadows of clouds that run over the blue ice are the waves, but the peace and calm of the frozen beach is illusory; clouds approach stealthily behind the ridges and pelt us without warning. Between chiseling rocks from the cliff sides, I have taken to watching the clouds, since they are the most alive and unpredictable aspect of this landscape.

Ice bubbles

Overlooking the beach

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