Christmas Greetings from Darwin Glacier!

Christmas Greetings from Darwin Glacier! We treated ourselves to a holiday on Christmas day here at camp, keeping ourselves busy by preparing some special holiday feasts. Our eating day began with brunch: freshly baked biscuits (or scones to us kiwis) with berry compote, bacon and cinnamon and sugar. We took some time to digest and build a beautiful snow-woman, just to even out the gender ratio here at camp. Graham taught me (Sophie) the snowball-accretion method for snowman building, which worked very well, as you can see from our group photo with our new lady friend. For Christmas dinner all stoves, pots, pans and pairs of hands were employed to create a feast of roast pork with veggies, potatoes, applesauce, cranberry jelly and sweet potato frying pan bread. Yum! Wishing all those at home a Merry Christmas – we hope yours was as delicious as ours.

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