This season’s fashion report

onwards We’re currently in Christchurch getting our gear sorted. We’re scheduled to fly to McMurdo at 6am tomorrow. Think clear weather thoughts for us!
Below are a few pictures of Forrest modeling the new season’s Antarctic ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) Gear. We usually only wear up to layer four + a hat and sun glasses in the field unless it gets extra cold viagra generika kaufen schweiz.

Layer 1: Merino thermal underwear and socks.

Layer 2: Polar Fleece pants and jacket

Layer 3: insulated wind/snow proof pants and Bunny (insulated rubber) boots)

Layer 4: Big Red insulated Jacket

Layer 5: Furry hat, balaclava, goggles, neck gaiter, gloves

Layer 6: for extra wind / cold protection put the hood up.