First Post from the Field!

self-righteously We arrived in the field!

This is our first post from the field using our satellite phone and laptop! If you’re reading this then our system is working well!

The four of us and all our gear left McMurdo at 13:15 via a Bell 212 helicopter, followed by a convoy of 4 separate flights. The weather on the Walcott Glacier was cloudy which meant we couldn’t get the helicopter into the area we wanted, so we had to land lower down the Walcott Glacier and pitch our camps near the junction of the Radian and Walcott Glaciers. Although the weather was cloudy there was no wind and we were able to pitch our camp with no problem. Our camp consists of two Scott polar tents (yellow pyramid shaped) and an Endurance tent (black red and white tunnel shape). We also setup our solar panels, radios, and skidoos.

Jo cooked us a delicious dinner in our new home – pasta, bacon and carbonara sauce – a nice change from McMurdo food. We also ate the first chocolate out of Jo’s advent calendar!

Tomorrow we’ll start work mapping and sampling the area around our camp.  So we’ll update everyone on what we find in the next couple of days.

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