Dr. Suess and Mummified Seals

buy provigil paypal In the last few days we have worked across the Walcott Glacier and the Roaring valley – long days with a lot of hiking. We have had 1–2 hour commutes by foot each way, so we try to make the most of our time when we get out there. The work has been good, and we have seen a lot of interesting things. Uphill return hikes are always gruelling, especially with 15 kg of rocks in our packs (excluding John’s).

The trek across the Walcott glacier was like entering a Dr. Suess book. The ice formations were spectacular (see below)! The day before, we came across a mummified seal approximately 20 km inland and at 1300 m elevation! Guess it became lost. It was entirely desiccated and mummified– there aren’t many microbes around to promote decomposition. Who knows how long it has been there?!

Dr.Suess Ice Formations

Mummified Seal

The weather over the past few days has been unsettled with multiple snow flurries and some wind. Currently the weather is a little cold (-5C) and the cloud layer is only a few hundred meters above our camp.

For entertainment during the day we have races to ridge-tops and other awesome features. At lunch time we have been having trivia quizzes, with most of the questions referring to animals. During the evenings, Graham and Bryan continue to work (unsuccessfully) on their kiwi accents.

We’re making the most of John’s company – he is leaving us in a few days to head back to the states.

We’re about to eat a huge meal of nachos, so until next time, keep your teeth clean!

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