Christmas Day in Antarctica! A lot has happened since are last blog update, including the celebration of our first Antarctic Christmas. Jo and Bryan made a tree out of snow and decorated it with miscellany from camp. Santa Claus came, even for Graham. Bryan and Graham did some shovel-sledding (videos to come pending bandwidth), and Jo cooked a feast– by Antarctic or any standards. It wasn’t quite the same as home, but we had a great time regardless.

Panorama Glacier Christmas Tree

dating a latino male Monday was business as usual. We had he snowmobiles slung back to Mac Town for lack of appropriate terrain, so all of our work has been on foot. We have trekked across the panorama glacier a couple of times and also checked out some of the rocks close to camp. The new field area has introduced a great deal of variety of the geology, and Graham and Bryan are reinspired. A particular highlight was finding huge books of biotite, the largest weighing in at over 20 lbs! We walked back with overloaded packs full of samples for mineralogy class– hopefully our students don’t need a hand lens to identify a Bt crystal the size of their heads!

Very large Biotite Crystals!

noellegna dating orlando fl We have just past the half-way point of our field season. For those of you anxiously awaiting our return, especially Mike awaiting Graham, we will see you soon! I promise, we will shower first! The last few weeks will fly by, as did the first few. At first it seemed that we had a surplus of time, but we are now trying to maximize our efficiency to get everything done! Cheep Cheep!

Shovel sledding on Christmas day

4 thoughts on “Christmas Day in Antarctica!

  1. Best of luck trying to finish or your work in time. Don't forget to take a lot of photos & videos and to enjoy yourself so you'll have loads of great memories when you get back! At least you had a guaranteed white Christmas!

  2. Nice photos of Antarctica. As per your photo, i thought that you had enjoyed really best Christmas. I have also planned to enjoyed Xmas at south pole in Antarctica. But i couldn't enjoy it. It was thrilling experience when i had seen ice berg first time.

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