Darwin Glacier flight

http://whatsmytwitteraccountworth.com/page/2/?t=My Twitter account is worth ! What\\\\\\\\\\'s yours worth Next season we will be working in the Darwin Glacier region, so to try and locate good camping spots and places that planes and/or helicopters can drop us off to do research, we took a reconnaissance Twin Otter ski plane flight today. We took off from the sea ice runway – the sea freezes solid during winter here and makes a great place to land planes (until it gets too thin – at the moment it is about 2m thick). We flew about an hour south then up the Darwin and Byrd Glaciers. We took a lot of photos and video – here is a sample from our adventure. There are a few more videos on our pictures/videos page, or you can find them directly on our youtube channel.

Twin Otter takeoff

Inside the Twin Otter

Flyover on the Darwin Neve
Twin Otter Landing at McMurdo sea-ice runway

A few photos:

Our Twin Otter for the day. Sitting on the sea ice runway

Twin Otter parking, sea ice runway

Ski-equipped twin otter

the boys, ready to go in the backseat


the business end…

view out the front window on the runway to two Hercules aircraft

Your safety is our first priority

In the air over the Darwin Glacier

Brown Hills area

The Darwin Glacier

South side of the Darwin Glacier

Landing on the Darwin Neve. The glacier here is hard blue ice and we needed crampons to walk around without slipping.

John taking photos

Mt Discovery (an old volcano)

Boys watching the scenery

Mulock Glacier

Roadend Nunatak

Melt pools in the Brown Hills

Side glacier on the north side of the Byrd Glacier

Texture on the surface of the Byrd Glacier

Mt Discovery and McMurdo on our landing approach

Mt Discovery again

Boys enjoying doing some science!

North side of the Byrd Glacier

Head of the Darwin Glacier

Bryan taking care of business