What are we doing to prepare to leave for Antarctica?

buy modafinil us There is a lot of paperwork to be sorted out. Firstly, John, our Principal Investigator works with everyone at the National Science Foundation, United States Antarctic Program and Raytheon to organize all the logistics. They have to agree on how many people are going, where, when and how. They will arrange who is flying in and out of the field (from McMurdo, the base) on what dates; who needs to take the “Happy Camper” field safety course and whether we will need to move camps during our field season. They also need to know all the details of how much people weigh and how much the tents, bags, gear and food weigh as well. This is to make sure that the helicopter (that flies them from McMurdo to their field camp site) is not overweight and is properly balanced.

Once this is all organized, each of our team need to be medically and dentally qualified. This requires having a full physical exam, a flu shot, any expired vaccinations must be caught up, a PPD/mantoux test (to check for tuberculosis), blood and urine screens, an EKG (echocardiogram of the heart) and everyone must fill in a self-evaluation of their medical history. In addition, everyone’s teeth must be cavity and problem free. If anyone has any issues now, they have to be filled or pulled out before we go!

This is all done because Antarctica is so far away from everywhere and everyone. If someone gets seriously sick in the field or has problems with their teeth, its not at all easy for them to get help or medical care. We want to make sure that everyone is healthy and we have an enjoyable, safe trip!

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